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Getting Started is EASY!

Follow these steps and you will have everything required for your consultation.

Once you have completed these steps below,  fax all reports together to 503-771-0438 


  1. Request Surgical Records (Operative Report) from your sterilization procedure. This can be done by calling the ObGyn office that performed the surgery. If the report in unavailable, we recommend a telehealth visit with Dr. Rosenfield to discuss the case. 

  2. Request Pathology Report from the Sterilization Procedure if available.


  1. You must be current on your wellness visits including pap test.

  2. If you do not have a provider, we are happy to see you for a wellness visit at Pearl Women's Center.


  1. You must have the following blood tests performed prior to your consultation: FSH, AMH, Estradiol (all blood tests)- MUST BE DRAWN ON DAY 3 ​​

  2. These labs can also be ordered by our team at your wellness visit if you do not have a provider


  1. Recent (within one year) Semen Analysis of male partner

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